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TerraBarrier leads the charge in the hydrogen revolution, offering a revolutionary coating poised to redefine the landscape of hydrogen technology.
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Welcome to TerraBarrier

Your Solution to Hydrogen Permeation and Hydrogen Embrittlement

At TerraBarrier, we are driven by a singular mission: to pioneer transformative solutions that accelerate the global transition to a hydrogen-powered future. Founded on the principles of innovation, sustainability, and reliability, we specialise in developing cutting-edge coating technologies to address the critical challenges of hydrogen permeation and embrittlement.
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We've developed a revolutionary coating that virtually eliminates the challenges of hydrogen permeation and embrittlement.

The Hydrogen Challenge

In the hydrogen revolution, two persistent adversaries stand in our path: hydrogen permeation and metal embrittlement. Hydrogen molecules defy even the most robust defenses, permeating steels and metals, posing safety risks and diminishing system efficiency. Hydrogen embrittlement dramatically alters the mechanical properties of metals, leading to premature failure. These challenges underscore the urgent need for effective solutions.

Our Solution

TerraBarrier's innovative coating technology offers a crucial solution to the challenges of hydrogen permeation and embrittlement. Our breakthrough technology delivers a homogenous, thin protective coating on metals, preventing hydrogen permeation and material embrittlement. Unlike other solutions, TerraBarrier's coating can be applied to complex structures and complete products without line-of-sight requirement, ensuring comprehensive protection.
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Corrosion Resistance

TerraBarrier's advanced coating technology forms a robust barrier against corrosion, preventing the degradation of metal surfaces and extending their service life. Our coatings are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to withstand corrosive agents, including moisture, chemicals, salts, and acids, ensuring reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Building Trust through Technology

We're not just offering a solution; we're providing peace of mind. Our technology is backed by deep-tech research from renowned institutions like Chalmers and Harvard, with publications in Nature. Ongoing development projects with industry leaders ensure that we stay at the forefront of innovation.

Application Areas

TerraBarrier's innovative coating technology opens up a wide array of application areas, where protection against hydrogen permeation and embrittlement is paramount. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of each sector, ensuring safety, efficiency, and longevity in hydrogen-based systems.
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TerraBarrier coatings offer robust protection for chemical process equipment, effectively shielding surfaces from corrosion in both acidic and alkaline environments. This advanced barrier technology ensures enhanced durability, reduced maintenance costs, and extended lifespan of assets, ultimately boosting operational efficiency and safety in demanding industrial settings.

Chemical Processing

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TerraBarrier's advanced coating technology offers a versatile solution to combat corrosion in various application areas, ensuring the longevity and reliability of critical infrastructure and equipment.

Corrosion Application

Energy Sector - image
TerraBarrier coatings provide essential protection for the energy sector, safeguarding hydrogen fuelling stations and production equipment from hydrogen-induced damage. This advanced coating technology ensures enhanced durability, reduced maintenance costs, and extended equipment lifespan, promoting operational efficiency and safety in hydrogen infrastructure and production facilities.

Energy Sector

Industrial Manufacturing - Image
TerraBarrier coatings deliver exceptional protection for industrial manufacturing, offering a very hard surface that withstands wear and tear and resists hydrogen-induced damage. This advanced technology ensures enhanced durability, reduced maintenance costs, and extended lifespan of critical components, optimizing operational efficiency and reliability in demanding manufacturing environments.

Industrial Manufacturing

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Our commitment to research and development extends across all business sectors, aiming to enhance TerraBarrier coatings' performance and reliability in extreme conditions. We collaborate with world-class universities and test institutes, we pursue long-term advancements to ensure durability and efficacy, empowering industries with cutting-edge solutions for their most demanding applications.

Research and Development

Automotive - image
TerraBarrier coatings provide vital protection for automotive applications, safeguarding crucial components like hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and hydrogen-powered engines. This advanced coating technology ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and enhanced performance, contributing to the reliability, efficiency, and safety of hydrogen-powered vehicles, advancing the future of sustainable transportation.


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Why Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen stands out as a pivotal resource in our mission to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Its applications span crucial sectors such as heavy vehicles, aviation, and green steel production. Despite the myriad benefits of hydrogen utilisation, safety and material integrity challenges arise when using hydrogen. Current methods for mitigating these challenges are not only cost-prohibitive but also exhibit limited effectiveness.